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Providing the BEST ATM/ 0% Processing Service for Small Business

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cash discount Program

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NO Transaction Fees | No Junk Fee!

Eliminates processing fees

Next Day Funding

No Upfront Cost

No Obligations



Credit Card


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Duck Quack 0% Processing

Credit Card/DebitCard

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Credit Card/ Debit Card

Payment Terminal

Charges 2,7%-3.5%

processing fee


Pays no fee. Gets rewards points


Receives 96%of sale amount

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Payment Terminal

Auto-calculates 3.99%fee

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Pays small fee. Still gets rewards points

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Receives 100% of sale amount

How it works?

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Bye Bye Fees

With our software, all the processing fees will be incorporated into the sale and a small fee is passed on to the card holder.

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A Bigger Slice

You, the business owner gets 100% of the sale and at the end of the month, your processing fees will be ZERO.

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Cash Is KING!!

Even better, your customers are rewarded for paying in cash with a 3.99% Discount!

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Duck Quack Consulting will provide:

  • Brand: Hyosung Halo II
  • Updated cryptic security measures
  • Install the ATM, having it bolted to the floor
  • Program the ATM
  • We pay all processing fees
  • Process the transactions, handling any disputes
  • Continuously load it with cash.
  • Monitor the cash level and status
  • Handle any maintenance or repair needs.
  • Provide supplies (i.e. receipt paper and signage)
  • Basically, we Take Care of everything!

All at "NO COST" to you!

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-Reduce credit and debit card surcharges by having customers pay cash

-25% increase in impulse purchases are made when a customer has cash in hand.

Why would an ATM help my business...

-No credit card chargebacks

-Increase Profits

-More foot TRAFFIC

-Customer Convenience

-Increase Sales

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Boost sales
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An ATM can enhance customer and sales for a business. Customers who don't have cash available won't have to go away from your business to locate an ATM.

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Several people love making purchases with hard cash. Companies with ATM on-site have the edge over the nearest business by providing cash to the customer.

ATM Counter

It's a FREE full-service ATM placement that is completely hands-off, hassle-free program with no financial commitment.

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ATM Topper

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ATM Topper

Our high-definition video display and content management system provide the ultimate solution to attract and hold the attention of shoppers, resulting in additional purchases sale and increased transactions.

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Yorktown, Virginia (HQ)

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